Mark is a London based photographer and has been working in the industry since 1992.

I remember taking my first pictures on holiday in Italy with my Mother’s Kodak point & shoot
when I was eleven. I got the pictures back and remember being really excited by the idea of image
capture and its never really left me.

“Few things remain constant in our lives; we get into them, we grow out of them, some are fads,
tastes and fashion. For me riding a bike, eating great food, being told a good story and making
images are the only things that still bring the same level of joy as they did when I was a child.”

I started off assisting in 1991, working for a commercial photographer on packaging, industrial
and portrait photography for Vent Axia, Jaguar and British Airways. I went back into
education to study Visual Communications at Bristol and started working as a graphic designer
with Dyson when I finished my course in 1997, then moving to London a year later, freelancing
as a designer offering photography as another skill at various creative agencies until I took
a full-time job with CADA Design Group for four years. In 2004 I went freelance and designed
the identity branding & photography for the then start up clothing brand Finisterre; also
taking on more photographic clients. I shoot people and places and have worked with
Coca-cola, Microsoft, the BBC and Channel 4.


BECK Interiors
Brunswick Group
Costa Coffee
Caprice Holdings
Channel 4
Design Council
Institute for Cancer Vaccines & Immunotherapy
InterContinental Hotels
Lush Cosmetics
McLaren Group
Media Arts Lab
Miura Design
Mclaren Architects
180 Amsterdam
Refresch Design
Universal Records
Media Arts Lab (Apple), London
Great Expectations Gallery, Camberwell London
+44 (0) 7958 719 759