Mark is a London based photographer and has been working in the industry since 1992.

I remember taking my first pictures on holiday in Italy with my Mother’s Kodak point & shoot
when I was eleven. I got the pictures back and remember being really excited by the idea of image
capture and its never really left me.

“Few things remain constant in our lives; we get into them, we grow out of them, some are fads,
tastes and fashion. For me riding a bike, eating great food, being told a good story and making
images are the only things that still bring the same level of joy as they did when I was a child.”

I started off assisting in 1991, working for a commercial photographer on packaging, industrial
and portrait photography for Vent Axia, Jaguar and British Airways. I went back into
education to study Visual Communications at Bristol and started working as a graphic designer
with Dyson when I finished my course in 1997, then moving to London a year later, freelancing
as a designer offering photography as another skill at various creative agencies until I took
a full-time job with CADA Design Group for four years. In 2004 I went freelance and designed
the identity branding & photography for the then start up clothing brand Finisterre; also
taking on more photographic clients. I shoot people and places and have worked with
Coca-cola, Microsoft, the BBC and Channel 4.


BECK Interiors
Brunswick Group
Costa Coffee
Caprice Holdings
Channel 4
Darccy Womens Wear
Design Council
Format Design
Formation Design
First Leaf Publishing
Institute for Cancer Vaccines & Immunotherapy
Interior ID
Intercontinental Hotels
Kudos Productions
Lion TV
Lush Cosmetics
Les Ambassadeurs Park Lane
McLaren Group
Media Arts Lab
Miura Design
Mclaren Architects
180 Amsterdam
Refresch Design
Soma Womens Wear
Universal Records
Media Arts Lab (Apple), London
Great Expectations Gallery, Camberwell London
+44 (0) 7958 719 759